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  Brian, Bob, John, and Edward

  We are performing Saturday night, August 22 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
at the Geauga Park District's
Frances Hall Amphitheater in Big Creek Park
9160 Robinson Road, Chardon
Held indoors if inclement weather. Refreshments served.
For more information call
Geauga Park District 440-286-9516.

  The Knights Tempo music is now represented by Brad Heck.

 THE KNIGHTS TEMPO: Adventures and Romance
 THE KNIGHTS TEMPO: Destined For Destiny
In Moonlight DVD Label
Our new DVD video of Rachel Nielson dancing to the track "In Moonlight" off our first CD is available. Brian shot and edited this video that includes his photography superimposed over the dancer. Watch a lo-res version of it now or visit our store to buy the real thing!

"The movements of the dance were very graceful, combined with the music . . .and the girl who danced is very pretty!!! Congratulations!" (Our translation from Portuguese).
Destined for Destiny CD Cover
Our second album was released earlier this year. It has received an even better response than our first CD, and that makes us even more excited to start recording a third disc later this month.

Listen to the tracks now.

"When I heard the songs being played, it was as if stories were being told through the music"
Adventures and Romance CD Cover
Our first CD. You, too, can own it. We released it last year and received lots of positive feedback. We play most of the tracks whenever we perform.

Listen to the tracks now.

"A wonderful CD. My favorite song is Nebuchadnezzar's Bop."