Accoustic Jazz From Cleveland Ohio
      The Band

The Band

The Knights Tempo are an acoustic quartet who perform original instrumentals. The band includes mandolinist and composer Robert Rericha, Brian Jacobs on acoustic guitar, keyboardist John Marting, and Edward Lemmers on upright bass. Traditional stringed instruments contribute to the distinctiveness of the band’s voice: a jazzy, romantic, upbeat, and engaging sound that reminds some listeners of European folk music. Jazz mandolin fans will love it.

Picture of the Band

Most people mention the irresistible melodies when describing The Knights Tempo's music. Though the pieces have no words, all the songs have strong melodies that make them absorbing and memorable. Listen to both CDs for swing tunes and bossa novas that are uplifting and danceable, and ballads that are relaxing and picturesque. Fans say they listen to The Knight's Tempo over and over in their homes, at work, and while driving their cars.

The History

The Knights Tempo began as collaboration between Bob and Brian who met at the Solon Center for the Arts in Solon, Ohio. Bob was teaching music at the Center when Brian was hired to teach art. The two quickly discovered that Bob's new mandolin and Brian's classical guitar sounded great on jazz standards. Soon Bob was bringing in his backlog of original tunes and Bob and Brian began playing at the Arabica in Aurora, Ohio.

Arabica Poster

Bob had worked with John at Sam Ash in Mayfield Heights and one day when he was at the store, Bob asked John if he'd like to form a band. Brian and Bob met him at his house and played through a number of tunes. The result sounded even better than they'd expected. They called the band The Blue Roosters.

Edward has a band called Electic Vision and John plays keyboard with him. John suggested that Ed join the Roosters. After doing some research, the quartet discovered that the name The Blue Roosters is already taken in Ohio. Bob had mentioned playing off the Knights Templar even before the Blue Roosters so when Ed suggested The Knights Tempo, the Band's new identity was born. Bob's friend Russ Swaney had been helping the band all along, and he was soon creating CDs, developing publicity, and creating a Web presence for the new group.


Continuing to play off the Templar theme, Bob designed a skeleton similar to one depicted on Templar pirate flags and Brian drew the picture to the right. The Knights Tempo have fans of all ages and one of their young fans gave them a name for this new "mascot." Sketton is now the skeleton's name. In his hand is a metronome and a bass violin bow.

Bob and Russ placed Sketton inside a circle surrounded by the name of the band and the phrase Ars Liberare. This is latin for Art Liberates. For The Knights Tempo, making art is the object of the quest.

The Knights Tempo played for the first time at the Art by the Falls outdoor art festival in Chagrin Falls in 2007. Since then they have played at the Valley Art Center and Machu Picchu Restaurante.

Picture of The Knights Tempo at Art by the Falls


Bob and Brian are both visual artists as well as musicians. You may view samples of their art in The Gallery on this site in the near future.